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Your Questions Answered!

We carry great pride in our fair giveaway systems, if you have any more questions feel free to contact us on our social media channels!

When can i leave the server?

Once you reach the requiered time you have a fair chance of winning, even if you leave at that point your chances still are the same! Our admins will contact you within 48hours should you win.

What can i win?

We give away all sorts of great prizes! Awesome skins, Steam giftcards, coins and more!

How can you guys give aways prizes for free?

It´s simple! We run advertisements on our servers to cover the the cost of your prizes, in addition we work together with great partners!

Can i AFK on the server?

Sure! We have idle servers just join them and feel free to leave our system does the rest!

When will i recieve my prize?

Our admins contact all winners within 48 hours, that is a promise, if not make sure to contact us on our support channels!

How do I contact support?

To contact our support, join our Discord server, or message us on Steam!

How high are the chances of winning?

They are very very good! Not only do you collect coins for playing, you also have a very high chance to win,, since our servers are limited to 50 slots each!