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Are you looking for epic CS:GO giveaways?
We at csgo-giveaways.com provide an awesome way to earn
in game items, skins and even Steam gift cards.

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How does it work?

Join our servers!

Gather playtime and coins by playing on our servers, once the minimum requierd time is achieved you have a great chance of winning the giveaway, and even better at the same time you collect coins to use in our skin shop afterwards!

Need to leave?

No Problem! Our system is designed to pick winners even if they are not on the server! All you need to do is have the requiered playtime before you leave and your all good!

Our Servers

Are provided tokens by our great partner
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Fair chance of winning

No manipulation in sight, there is always a winner, even if you are alone on the server, our plugin is designed to pick a random winner no matter what!

Online 24/7

Our servers are always online, waiting for you to enter our giveaways and collect coins for our skin shop!

Where does the money come from?

We run advertisements on our servers, to buy you all the skins you and your friends need!


How do i recieve my prize?

Our support team will contact every winner within 48 hours and hand them their prizes! Proof of Trade

Do i have to stay till the giveaway ends?

No! Once you reached your requiered time you can leave, no worries you still have a fair chance!

Who won already?

Type !winners into the game chat and see all the lucky winners or visit our Winners List